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give yourself a chance

So why have we turned away from life's natural ways?

New technology developments profoundly affect our lives; we are far better informed about a whole range of issues than ever before. We live in an "information era", we "know" more and yet, we seem to overlook the basics - for a well-balanced life.

It's fair to say that for people below the age of 40 "the old ways" simply do not exist, apart from an odd story they heard from their grandparents. They were born into this 'modern' way of life.

Being 'better informed' leads us to expect more out of life, of doing more in less time which, in turn, doesn't leave enough time to take proper care of our health and wellbeing. We tend to forget that our body also needs something more than just food and water - until it's too late.


Invest in yourself, in your health and wellbeing, by visiting a spa once in a while. Or, if you prefer the practical terminology, think of it as a MOT for your body - your car gets one every year!

Give yourself a chance to naturally heal and rebalance through the deeply relaxing and revitalizing experience that a spa holiday can provide.

The old story goes that a Roman army returning back to Rome left a number of sick horses in a strange valley full of mist and slushy ground to die as they were near death anyway.

Six months later as the Roman army were travelling via the same route they found all the horses alive and well! Now, we don't know whether the story is true or not and whether it was the Romans' first encounter with curative waters. What we know, however, is that they loved curative waters since spa resorts existed throughout the Roman Empire. Regular visits to a spa were indispensable part of their lives, or shall we say, their MOT.

Once upon a time people used plants and herbs to cure various medical problems...

Below are just a few examples of natural herbal remedies our forefathers used for thousands of years. Nowadays, the majority of mankind has moved away from life's natural ways with consequences well-known to us all. 

Liver you should drink nettle tea
Kidneys drink wild chicory root tea
High cholesterol drink Speedwell tea
Anaemia drink Lady’s Mantle tea
Smoking chew Calamus roots
High blood pressure drink Mistletoe tea
Migraine headaches drink Yarrow tea
Hearing take Cranesbill tincture
Poor circulation Comfrey baths, or drink Hawthorn tea
Back pain take St. John’s wort, or drink Yarrow tea
Larynx drink Mallow tea
Gastric acid drink Calamus Root tea
Sciatica take Bracken Compresses
Intestinal ulcers take mallow leaves or drink nettle tea
Angina drink Agrimony tea

Nowadays, the majority of mankind has moved away from life's natural ways with consequences well-known to us all.

Our belief is that we still have a choice of turning back to nature's medicinal plants and thermal waters to help heal ourselves - as nature intended.To quote Hippocrates, the father of medicine, who said some 2400 years ago:

"The body has within the inherent ability and intelligence to heal itself, provided it is given the opportunity to do so".


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