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Terms and Conditions


1. We reserve your holiday
On receipt of your completed Booking Form and deposit we will confirm your booking and send you or your travel agent a confirmation/ invoice with details of your holiday. If you change your booking (which you must do in writing) before it has been confirmed, we will include the revised details in the confirmation/invoice to record our acceptance of the change. Your holiday booking is then secured. If you book through a travel agent, any money you pay to the travel agent is at all times held by the agent on our bahalf

2. Price Guarantee
The price of your holiday is subject to surcharges on the following items; governmental action, aircraft fuel and airport charges. Even in this case, we will absorb an amount equivalent to 2% of the holiday price which excludes insurance premiums and any amendment charges. Only amounts in excess of this 2% will be surcharged.

If this means paying more than 10% on the holiday price, you will be entitled to cancel your holiday with a full refund of all money paid to us towards the holiday cost excluding holiday insurance and amendment charges. Should you decide to cancel because of this, you must exercise your right to do so within 14 days from the issue date printed on the invoice.

3. Exchange Rates
Prices in this website are based on exchange rates as at 02/01/2014

Currently £1.00 = 1.50 (USA $); Euro 1.17

4. If We Alter Your Holiday
We reserve the right to make minor changes to the brochure details and holiday arrangements both before and after you have booked your holiday. In such cases we will inform you or your travel agent as soon as possible.

If we have to make significant changes to your holiday arrangements (eg a change of airport but excluding changes between London airports and aircraft types), hotel, date of departure, or an offer to move to a lower standard accommodation, we will inform you or your travel agent at the earliest opportunity. In such cases you will have the choice of either accepting the change or booking an alternative holiday (and paying or receiving a refund in respect of any price difference), or cancelling your holiday and receiving a full and immediate refund of all monies paid. In addition, in the case of a significant change accepted by you, we will pay compensation in accordance with and limited to the scale below.

More than 42 days before departure date Nil
42-28 days before departure date £10
27-14 days before departure date £15
13 days or less before departure date £20

Please note:
1. The scale of compensation does not apply to infants.
2. Compensation will not be paid in cases where significant changes are consequence of unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, including those amounting to 'force majeure'.
3. Compensation is not payable in the case of minor changes. Compensation Payments mentioned in paragraph 3 do not apply to changes caused by reason of civil strife, riots, war, threat of war, natural disaster, industrial action, technical problems affecting transport, terrorist activity, closure of airports or similar events beyond our control.

5. Our Liability to You
We accept responsibility for the acts and/or omissions of our employees, agents and suppliers while acting within the scope of or in the course of their employment, agency or contract of supply. We also accept responsibility for any deficiencies in the services we are contractually obliged to provide, or the failure of such services to reach a reasonable standard. However, we do not accept responsibility in respect to death, bodily injury or illness of, or to the signatory to the contract and/or any other named person on the booking form, except when caused by negligent acts and/or omissions of our employees, agents, suppliers or subcontractors while acting within the scope of or in the course of their employment, agency, contract or supply or sub-contract. We shall afford every assistance to a client who through misadventure suffers illness, personal injury or death during the period of the holiday arising out of an activity which neither forms part of the foreign inclusive holiday arrangements nor forms part of an excursion offered through us. Such assistance shall take the form of advice, guidance and initial financial assistance where appropriate, up to a limit of £5,000 per booking form.

Please note that in the case of air, rail and sea carriers and providers of accommodation, our liabilities are limited as if we were carriers /providers of accommodation within the appropriate international conventions.

6. Group Holidays
Some of our holidays are based on minimum number of participants and in the unlikely event that these numbers are not reached we reserve the right to cancel the tour and refund all payments made. Tours will not be cancelled due to lack of numbers later than 8 weeks before departure.

7. Holiday Prices
All holidays include the items specifically detailed with the particular holiday, security charges, and baggage allowance of 20 kgs/44lb per person, for example. Any costs for visas which may be necessary are not included.

8. Brochure Description
We have made every effort in this brochure to describe resorts, accommodation and general facilities as accurately as possible. However, there may be times when certain facilities are temporarily not available. For example, electrical equipment may break down and some shops or restaurants, night clubs, swimming pools and other amenities may not be in full operation, particularly in low season. In addition the operation of amenities and facilities may be subject to local licensing regulations or Government Fuel Saving Legalisation. We cannot accept responsibility for any such problems which are outside our control.

a) All bookings are made and accepted on the basis of the description contained in this brochure. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any hotel or resort leaflet which is not published by us but may be supplied as an additional service to the client.

b) Special requests regarding car hire, accommodation, or any other aspects of your holiday should be made in the space on the booking form at the time of booking and will be passed onto the relevant supplier. Such requests will be noted on your invoice but confirmation cannot be guaranteed. Even when a supplier advises that a request is accepted, we regret that we cannot accept liability for any subsequent failure on their part to comply with such requests. For this reason we regret that we do not accept conditional bookings.

9. Resort Facilities
Please note that in early and late season some resort facilities as described in the brochure, may not be available. Swimming pools may also be subject to closure for extended maintenance or restricted opening times. In addition, watersports, entertainment or other facilities may be limited in low season.

10. Local Conditions
When travelling abroad you must accept that things will be different to the UK. Safety standards and regulations conform to local standards and could be less, or even more, stringent than those we enjoy in the UK. The monitoring and enforcement of such regulations is a matter for the authorities of that country and the local supplier of the services concerned. Cots supplied abroad conform to local safety standards, but it remains your responsibility to check, that they meet with your infants’ requirements.

11. Arbitration
Disputes arising out of, or in connection with, this contract which cannot be amicably settled, may (if the customer so wishes) be referred to arbitration under a special Scheme which, those devised by arrangement with the Association of British Travel Agents, is administered quite independently by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

The Scheme (details of which will be supplied on request) provides for a simple and inexpensive method of arbitration on documents alone with restricted liability on the customer in respect of costs. Alternatively, applications for arbitration must be made within 9 months of the date of return from the holiday.

13. Legal Jurisdiction
The Laws of England shall apply in all respects and the Courts of England shall have sole jurisdiction.

14. Your Obligation
a. You Sign a Booking Form
The person signing the booking form signs on behalf of each person named on it and becomes responsible to Thermalia Travel for the payment of the total price of the Holiday.

b. You Pay a Deposit
Every booking form must be accompanied by a deposit of £200 per person, including children but not infants under 2 years of age.

c. You Pay the Balance
You must pay the balance shown on the confirmation invoice at least two calendar months before departure. This is very important for if you do not pay the balance in time and do not write to cancel your booking before the due date, you could be liable to pay Cancellation Charges up to 100% of the holiday price because we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled by you at any time up to the date of departure.

i) Or You Pay the Full Price
If you book your holiday less than two calendar months before departure date the total price of the holiday must accompany the Booking Form.

d. If You Change Your Booking
If after booking your holiday you wish to change any item on the booking form - other than increasing the number of persons in your party - then £20 per person amendment fee will be payable. Changes must be confirmed to us in writing by the party leader and are subject to availability.

Any changes requested within 42 days of the original departure date will be treated as a cancellation (see Section 14e).

e. If You Cancel Your Holiday
Should you or any member of your party be forced to cancel your holiday, we must be notified, in writing, by the person who signed the booking form, and who is responsible also for the payment of Cancellation Charges as shown below. These charges represent our best estimate of the loss we incur from the cancellation and depend on the date we receive the notice in writing.

More than 42 days before departure date deposit only
42-28 days before departure date 50% of total holiday price
27-7 days before departure date 60% of total holiday price
Less than 7 working days prior to departure 100% of total holiday price

N.B. Our holiday insurance provides you with cancellation insurance in certain circumstances (such as injury or illness, death of self or family member), which is one reason we highly recommend you retain this option on the booking form.

f. Passport/Visa/Driving Licenses
You are responsible for ensuring these are in order, for all members of your party.

Flight Check-in
Passengers must arrive at the airport of departure in due time for check-in; should admission to the flight be refused because of late arrival and the flight be closed we cannot be held responsible. Furthermore we will not be responsible for the cost of alternative travel or accommodation arrangements but you might be covered by your travel insurance. When you travel with a carrier, the Conditions of Carriage of that carrier apply. These Conditions are often the subject of Conventions between countries.

Connecting Flights from other UK Airports
Ensure you allow ample time for connections in both directions. We regret that we are unable to accept responsibility for any costs due to missed connections although in some circumstances you may be covered by your travel insurance.

If you have a problem during your holiday, it is a legal requirement that you inform the relevant supplier (e.g. hotel) and where available our local agent who will endeavour to put things right. If your complaint cannot be completely resolved locally, you must obtain written confirmation from the supplier or our local agent of the complaint lodged. Please follow this up within 28 days of your return home by writing to us giving your original invoice number and all other relevant information. It is therefore a condition of this contract that you communicate any problem to the supplier of the services in question and where available to our agent whilst in the resort and obtain written confirmation of the complaint lodged. If you fail to follow this simple procedure we cannot accept responsibility as we have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify the problem.

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