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About Us

Our most precious asset in life is our health!

Ralph Walda Emerson called it 'our first wealth' and indeed, without our health all the money and success in the world are useless.

A well-tended body helps nurture the mind - 'mens sauna in capore sauna' as the Latin saying goes- with a sound body comes a fit mind, or, looked at it another way, with health comes happiness.

We all know we can't change our body as we do our car. Even though some health problems go away of their own accord (unlike car problems) they can linger when we are run down. The trouble is, not many people in the normal hubbub of daily life have the time or even the inclination to stop and consider their physical or mental condition.


Looking after our bodies

High-powered business people hardly have time to sleep and eat let alone contemplate tending to stress and flabbiness. But a passive attitude to health catches up with most of us in the end. If we don't spend some time looking after our bodies today, we will have to make time to be ill tomorrow. Even those of us who know the benefits of exercise and relaxation usually spend more time making resolutions than carrying them out.

Yes, we might go to the gym or play tennis at weekends, but all too soon it's the beginning of another stressful week. And although stress in the short term can be beneficial to the system - and indeed can improve performance - in the long term it damages not only our mental well-being but our physical health as well.

You are not indestructible

Since we tend to think ourselves indestructible, we are inclined to ignore the early signs that stress is indeed taking its toll - frequent colds, insomnia, headaches, indigestion, to name but a few. Then we're surprised when we get seriously ill.

Overwork and lack of exercise are not the only way we abuse our systems. In today's world we must also contend with air pollution, pesticides in our food, long-haul air travel - who knows what else?

Smokers and excessive drinkers inflict further assaults on their bodies. It's a wonder we live as long as we do!

We give top priority to your health

We at Thermalia know the health-restoring benefits of taking a recreational and relaxing break. We also know that holidays designed to cater to your health and looks not only send you home healthier and happier but carry benefits which will last a lot longer than your tan.

If you feel good you look good. If you look good you act confidently and are more likely to succeed. Thermalia spa holidays give top priority to the pleasurable revitalisation of body and mind, and are particularly suitable for people with chronic rheumatism, arthritis or just over-used joints. They are well - balanced breaks divided between treatments in the morning and recreation in the afternoon.

Amongst the many treatments are thermal baths, therapeutic mud baths (fangotherapy), ozone baths, sauna, and a range of therapeutic massages and aromatherapy.

There are also specialised packages devoted to, for instance, relaxation, anti - stress and weight reduction. After lunch (with wine if you like - spas are not puritanical) you can do what you like: go swimming, play tennis or golf, or visit the sights and tour the countryside.

Welcome to Thermalia Travel!

Your body is your home, look after it well, for if you wear it out where are you going to live?

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