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Terme Smarjeske Toplice - Hotel Vitarium   -  Slovenia

Terme Smarjeske Toplice - Hotel Vitarium 
Open: All year

*All packages include        

Return flights to Ljubljana or Zagreb with a base flight cost of £130– we will refund or surcharge any difference at time of booking • Return private transfers • Half board accommodation in a double room • Use of five thermal pools (three indoor (32 ° C) and two outdoor pools between 26 ° C to 28 ° C ) • Morning group gymnastics in water • Cultural & entertainment programme • Free use of bathrobe



3 nights stay, half board, double room

1 Venus bath with rose flowers for two and a glass of champagne

1 Grape peeling for two

1 Facial care for her

1 Aroma massage for him

1 Entrance to the saunas (3 hours) for two

£ 545.00 per person



7 nights stay, half board, double room

1 initial nutrition consultation

1 futrex analysis of tissue structure

1 wrap-up (with peeling)

3 IR lipolysis with aerobic workout

1 aromatherapy slimming massage (40 min)

1 slim-fit body treatment

1 anticellulite body treatment - classic (60 min)

4 nordic walking or Pace excercises or Pilates

4 thermal water aerobics

4 individual cardiocross training

£ 960.00 per person



7 nights stay, half board, double room

Condition analysis:

1 cardio test, 2 analysis of tissue structure, 1 nutrition consultation


2 cell bio-stimulation (20 min), 3 fango body packs, 1 colon hydro therapy (45 min),

2 aromatherapy massages for detoxification (40 min)

Sport activities:

1 altitude training (30 min), 5 nordic walking or Pace execrcises (55 min), 3 Pilates (40 min),

5 Thermal water aerobics (30 min)

Relaxation & Care:

1 detox body peeling (15 min), 1 massaging thermal bath for detoxification (20 min)

Diet experts counselling on fasting issues and instructions for your diet at home,

personal trainers counselling

£ 1257.00 per person 


MEDICO SLIM FIT (Medically led weight loss programme):

Obesity is a digestive disorder which is the cause of numerous other disorders and conditions like diabetes, early ageing of the veins, increased blood pressure, increased occurance of strokes and heart attacks, more frequent degenerative joint conditions. People with digestive disorder are potentially in danger of cardiovascoular disorders and this is why just before implementing the programme they have to undergo a check-up with a cardiologist.

Besides basic clinical and lab tests they also perform the ultrasound examination of the arteries and the heart, the ergometric test, and everything else that enables optimal and safe planning of the intensity level and duration of physical activities and suitable diet.

The basis of this programme is a combination of physical activities, diet measures, application of physics methods and motivation to reach the desired goal; a permanent elimination of digestive disorder and improvement of physical and mental ability. After the final consultation you will receive a medical report which includes the results of the tests performed and advice on maintaining your health and well-being.

The programme which includes physical activities and a diet is individually designed and is suitable for treating overweight people as well as clients with digestive disorder and who have a stable cardiovascular condition

The programme includes:

Selected number of nights stay, full board, double room

Check-up with a specialist cardiologist with a cardiovascular ultrasound examination, ergometric testing and basic lab tests

Condition analysis; tissue structure analysis, photoanalysis

A plan of physical exercise with personal trainer

Physical activities; Nordic walking or Pace exercise, water aerobics in thermal water, Pilates, swimming, cardiocross trainings (4 activities per day)

Consultation and advice by a nutritional expert

Diet; a diet with protective foods with lowered energy value which enables safe physical activity and weight loss without any consequences to the immune system or albumin system of your body

A lecture on the importance of preventative measures for staying healthy

Final consulatation with a specialist cardiologist on your findings and analysis of the test results

£ 1600.00 per person = 7 nights stay

£ 1980.00 per person = 10 nights stay

£ 2575.00 per person = 14 nights stay



Single room - £ 25.00 per person per night

Junior Suite - £ 28.00 per person per night

Single person transfer suppl. - £ 115.00












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