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Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria   -  Italy

Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria 
Open: Mid March - 6th January
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The origins of the mud
Man has always had a special relationship with spring water: in the past it was considered a gift from the Gods, and it was attributed magical, therapeutic and depurative properties.
Of the various therapeutic uses there are for mineral water that springs out of the ground, mixing it with clay to produce what is commonly called "spa therapy mud" is without doubt one of the best known. The Veneto region in the heart of Italy boasts one of the largest and most famous spa complexes in the world, namely the Terme Euganee, of which Abano Terme is also a part.

What is thermal mud?
The composition of mud varies considerably depending on the area in which the water origins and the maturation, which is usually carried out in artificial basins. The mud used in the spas of the GB Thermae Hotels is more than just ordinary mud: it sees the combination of clay, extracted under controlled conditions from the bottom of two thermal lakes situated in the Euganean hills, and the heightening and actibasining effect of spa water. This purified and treated clay is left to rest in basins to allow it to "mature". The mud is incubated for two months with a constant flow of thermal water at a temperature of 85-87° C. The high temperature in the maturation basins leads to the development of the active elements typically found in thermal mud. This phase sees the gradual colonisation of the clay by numerous micro algae (Diatomite and Cyanophyte) and cyanobacteria (Phormidium) present in the ecosystem of the Euganeo thermal area. It is precisely this particular process that results in thermal mud enriched with the ETS-05 cyanobacterium, which produces glycolipid substances of considerable anti-inflammatory properties with no side effects.

The spa water used belongs to the group of deep underground waters. The water pours out of GB Thermæ Hotels sources at a temperature of 87°C, following a long journey at depth which heightens its wealth of mineral substances. Classified as a hyper-thermal water containing sodium chloride, bromine and iodine, it is a resource which is unique of its kind the world over. Once cooled, it is used for hydrotherapy: in the individual thermal tubs dynamised with ozone, in the large thermal swimming pools, in the "Kneipp" vascular pools and in the grotto cave, as well as being micronised for inhalation and aerosol devices. Indeed inhalations with thermal water have a mucolytic and purifying effect on the mucous of the airways, and obtain excellent results with illnesses affecting the airways. The temperature at which the water is used and the unusual chemical and physical composition of the spa water guarantee a remarkable analgesic and stress relieving effect, of great use in providing a rapid solution to problems caused by muscular tension, above all at a paravertebral level (cervical pain, chronic lumbar pain and back pain).


The historical centrally located building of the Grand Hotel Terme Trieste & Victoria, with its unusual turn-of-the-century facade, features evocative settings immersed in lush grounds.
Service of the very highest standards revolves around attention to every detail; as ever, it is dedicated entirely to your well-being. A new wing with new Junior and Senior suites faces the marvellous park.

The Rooms
Spacious and elegant rooms overlooking the gardens and four swimming pools make for an unforgettable stay. exclusive service is available: a private cabin next to the guest room, for enjoying all the benefits of the mud in complete seclusion.

The traditional Italian cuisine caters to the most refined palates, dedicating particular attention to local traditions. Dishes are prepared with care and passion by our chefs.

Sporting Activities
Three inter-connecting thermal swimming pools, one of which is indoor whilst the other two are outdoor. One swimming pool with cooled spa water for swimming, aqua gym and a counter-current walking course, a fully equipped gymnasium with a personal trainer, group and individual lesson in physical activities at various levels, tennis courts at sister Hotel Metropole, bicycles, horse riding, a climbing wall and three 18-hole golf courses in the surroundings.


Stress, commitments and a sedentary lifestyle. A lack of time for dedicating to caring for one's body and exercising.  Once again, mud and spa water are special allies.

The medical team at the Thermal Spa of the Grand Hotel Terme Trieste & Victoria has created a complete and natural programme for getting into shape. It harnesses the detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of mud therapy and the effectiveness of thermal water courses for regaining suppleness.


* Modern beauty centre
* Treatment Grotto
* Solarium
* Gymnasium
* Table tennis
* Tennis court
* Bicycles
* Car park

This first class hotel has been completely renovated to combine its traditional style and elegance with the requirements of modern comfort.

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Passport/Visa A valid passport is required but British passport holders do not require a visa. All other passport holders should check with Italian consulate Tel: (020) 7235 9371.
Climate Hot summers / mild winters
Health No innoculations required unless arriving from an affected area.
Time GMT + 1 (GMT + 2 in summer)
Electricity 220v AC, 50Hz
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