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Bad Sulza   -  Germany

Bad Sulza 
Open: All year
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This Spa represents the first-ever full Medical Spa for Thermalia's guests. No more waiting lists. No more expensive referrals. This is a one-stop Medical Spa: Identify the problem in one or two days and then start the treatments that are needed. It really is as simple as that.

Bad Sulza is situated half way between Berlin and Frankfurt in the area of Thuringia, known as the "Tuscany of the East" due to its rich cultural tradition, castles and vineyards.

If the Medical Spa were categorized it would in our opinion be equal to 2/3 star. The lobby houses the Hotel reception as well as the Medical reception area, with the whole of the ground and lower ground floors used as treatment areas. Two lifts take you up to the 8th floor, which has been reserved for Thermalia's clients. The rooms are simply furnished with single or twin beds, a wardrobe, table and chairs and with w.c. & shower, T.V. & telephone.

The team of Doctors will run through a series of tests with you to give a diagnosis of your problems, and to give you a series of treatments to help your body recover its natural form and efficiency. Many of us feel unwell, in fact we know something is wrong; we hear comments like "I have been told there's nothing wrong with me. Why then do I feel so awful, I have no energy, I sometimes have to crawl up the stairs to bed and in the morning I feel that I have had no sleep". "I've been taking tablets for years - why haven't they worked - I still have the high blood pressure and the dry skin and the itching in my eyes and what about the...and the...and worst of all...". Take the allinclusive Medical package and sort it out!

For less than a hundred pounds a day you can now be closely monitored until your feeling of not being ‘right' is explained & you are on your way to a new way of life. As days slip by you will be encouraged by the progress, whilst at the same time your treatment can be modified to achieve the best results. The costs of having your health monitored on a day-by-day basis for a week or two could be the best investment you ever make.

Adjacent is the Toskana Therme, a unique Spa complex, opened in Bad Sulza, in November 1999. Its theme is the enjoyment of sound and relaxation in healing waters; its main attraction is "Liquid Sound", a high-tech installation which was developed here and has gained worldwide fame for creating the experience of bathing in light and music. A breathtaking dome structure spans five terraced indoor pools. There is also a heated outdoor pool and a separate "Liquid Sound Temple", with its special display of underwater sound and coloured light in a very meditative ambiance. The natural, bodytemperature saltwater of Bad Sulza allows the experience of effortless floating in near weightlessness. Toskana Therme is the first Spa in the world whose distinguishing feature is multimedia relaxation. In recognition of the innovative concept, the EXPO 2000 listed "Liquid Sound in the Tuscany of the East" as a major world project.

Toskana Therme offers regular events and performances that are truly unique. Where else can you experience live underwater concerts every full moon, poetry readings, or whale song mixed with Bach sonatas under water? Liquid Sound has made Toskana Therme a hugely popular destination for the seekers of healing and entertainment.

If you have time - why not visit nearby Weimar - the home of Schiller, Goethe and Albert Schweitzer.

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Passport/Visa A valid passport for all No Visa required by E. U. citizens Australians, Canadians, and citizens of the U.S.A. Non E.U. residents from other countries should contact the German Embassy on 0870 100420
Climate Temperate throughout the country with warm summers & cold winters, but prolonged periods of frost or snow are rare. Rain falls throughout the year
Health Full reciprocal health agreement with the U.K. Some prescibed medicines may have to be paid for. No Vacinations required for E.U.residents
Time GMT + 1 Hour - 2 Hours (from end March to end September)
Electricity 220v. European-style round two pin plugs. Lamps are screw type.
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